We are a HubSpot Growth Agency

Our mission is to be a thought leader guiding businesses to grow intentionally with modern profit-centric strategies.

We Call Ourselves a HubSpot Growth Agency — But What Does that Really Mean?

We used to be “just” a marketing agency.

After working with lots of clients during our combined decades of experience in digital marketing, we realized there’s more to business success than just getting clicks and form submissions.

The more we worked with our clients on growing their businesses, the more we realized that the Marketing, Sales, and Service departments need to be working together to delight customers and generate profits.

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The bottom line is — we love helping businesses grow. And we’ve figured out how to make that happen by:
  • Building on your business’s foundation of success
  • Uniting your internal processes to optimize hidden profit opportunities
  • Becoming obsessed with continuously improving your customer’s experience

Uncover Hidden Profits Within the Customer Experience

What we’ve also realized is that most businesses have yet to unlock their full potential by uniting all of their internal departments, automating processes, and creating truly delighted customers.

We understand that delighting customers should be the foundational principle in every company’s growth strategy and the opportunities for increased profit are hidden throughout the entire customer journey.

One of our business role models, Disney, is arguably one of the best companies in the world at providing an exceptional Customer Experience. A core belief at Disney is that customer service is marketing and every department is part of customer service. This simple idea is the secret to optimized profitability: brand ambassadors keep coming back and bringing their friends with them year after year.

Companies need to look beyond traditional, siloed marketing efforts to emulate a similar experience for their own customers. We call this Revenue Optimization or RevOps.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our remarkable team of creative planners, content creators, designers, strategists, and data curators are prepped and ready to take your brand to new heights.

Kelly Wagner

Founder, CEO & Chief Strategy Officer

Kelly is a marketing executive with 20+ years of experience spanning marketing and sales. Her expertise is in crafting innovative marketing approaches that produce revenue growth. Kelly leads by cultivating collaborative work environments to implement integrated marketing approaches. Kelly’s creative energy helps her orchestrate customized, fit-for-use, successful marketing approaches for clients.

Ryan Kauffman

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ryan is a HubSpot-certified Marketing Specialist with 10+ years of digital marketing experience. His expertise includes Inbound Content Marketing, HubSpot Marketing Software, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Analytics & SEO. Ryan takes client success to heart and monitors ongoing efforts to make sure they are optimized and achieving established goals.

Morgan Wagner

Client Relations & Project Manager

Morgan has a passion for creative problem solving and a determination for success that has led her to the marketing world. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a specialization in International Hospitality and Tourism. Morgan’s specialization in hospitality has equipped her with a skill set to succeed in client relationship management.  She embraces every client’s marketing requests and implements those needs with creativity and drive.

Jenn Wolf

Creative Director

Jenn is a passionate creative with 8+ years of experience in the digital marketing and design world. Her data-driven approach to design drives her to create on-brand graphics and websites that not only emulates the customer’s brand but also create an impactful user experience.

Vincent Tihoni

Social Media Manager

Vince approaches social media marketing with a mix of creativity and data-driven strategy. With over six years of experience, he has learned that building meaningful relationships is the key to successful online marketing campaigns. Vince is an expert at adopting a client’s brand voice in all communications and approaching content creation from the client’s perspective.


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